All tattoos require a phone consultation to set appointments. During the consultation we will go over ideas, placement, talk about references etc. The if you would like to book I require a non refundable deposit of $100 to hold your date. The day of the appointment I will have a rough draft of the tattoo design, then I prefer to collaborate with you in person to make any changes.

I do not send drawings ahead of time. On the appointment day we will work together to edit the design as needed. (Any changes over a 1 hour will start the hourly rate for the tattoo or need to be rescheduled)

Tattoo minimum is 250$, and I charge by the piece. For ongoing larger projects I charge full and half day rate. I do not tattoo fingers, private areas or anything above the neck.


Click my email address, and provide:

Name, phone number, where you are located, ideas and references - don’t forget your phone number. It generally takes 3-5 days to get a response.

Unfortunately , I cannot make appointments or do pricing over Facebook, Instagram or other any social media. It is wayyy too confusing for me to keep track***
I look forward to working with you ~Kristina